Famously infamous for his worldwide smash local unknown rerap classic hits, Six Pack is a re-rap menace to society we love to hate that we love so much!

Born Marvin Terrence Johnson on the southside of east northwest texas, Six Pack hit the scene in 2006 with a re-rap hit, Throw Some Cheese on that Bitch, that sold over 16 million rerap records around the world and grossed over $185.96 in AMC movie vouchers and food stamps

Six-Pack has been out of the limelight for some time now lettin’ the rap game go every whicha-way like a fat kid in a food court, but that time has come to an end! Back in shape and back on the grind, Six Pack is again rockin’ the world with his new hit single and music video, Six Pack’s Back, a parody rap that’ll blow your flippin’ mind!!

Keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and get ready to salivate over the net’s hottest new viral star. Ready or not, SIX PACK’S BACK!!!

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